• As an italian student, I spent half a year in Ireland in a small Town above Cork. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I recommend SPIL to everyone. My local coordinator was quite helpful, if there were any issues and the families were super friendly. – Nico Zingerle


  • We hosted an Italian boy Alessandro for the I year he was a pleasure to have in our home. We are still in contact with him. Student programme are a great company. – Linda O Callaghan


  • When I left Italy to go in a new country, in a new family, at the age of 16, it was actually a bit scaring! Then I’ve known all those wonderful people and beautiful places and I got what a great opportunity was to me to be there! I’ve really improved my English skills, being able to relate with English people in a very fluent way, to partecipate activally to meetings and talks! If i could, I would do it again and again! – Christian Lattavo


  • I still can’t believe it has been a year since I came to Ireland for the first time. I was almost a different person by then. I remember being so nervous about how everything was gonna work out, how my life would be there. But, after a year, after having started school back here in Spain, returning to my normal life, I can just thank my family, my school, and my company for helping me to make a decision I’ll never regret. Because this year has been life-changing for me. I feel more mature, even happier. After all the experiences, the good ones and even the not so good ones, I learned not just English language, but a lot of things about life. And thats the best gift that the last school year could have brought me. – Lara Garay Diaz


  • What could I say? It was one of the best experience I had so far! I’ve learned so much and I never could have done it without this great programm. – Héloïse Bousseau


  • This program is the best opportunity which you can experience. I was in Ireland and it was perfect. Beautiful country, perfect school and also very kind peeople. I got so many new friends and also whole new family which I love. I have so many perfect memories. If you have a chance to experience this programme dont think about it just GO!!! You will never regret❤️❤️- Nikoleta Krokavecová Búranová


  • We hosted student a student for a few weeks and they were a pleasure to have. Really thought us a lot about their culture and we like to think that we helped the student also. I would highly recommend hosting a student. – Deborah Ní Nualláin