Just as there is no “typical” Irish family, there is no “typical” host family.

Family lifeWe endeavor to place all students with a host family that has a child or children of same sex and similar age unless otherwise requested by the parents of the child or the agent . Host families come from many walks of life and represent different generations. All our host families are carefully selected by our Local Coordinators who interview and inspect the host family home along with the bed room which the child will sleep in before the student is allocated to the host family.

Host families are united by a desire to know and love a young person from abroad. A host family’s responsibility is to provide the student with their own room, a quiet place to study, breakfast, lunch and dinner, packed lunch on school days and any outings they may have.

Would you like to join the many families from across Ireland who wish to make the dream of an international student come true, make special friends for life and bring them more understanding of the world we live in?


How to become a Host family

  1. Complete the Host Family Application form, which provides details about your family members, interests, hobbies, pets and your lifestyle, home and family.
  2. A Local coordinator will be assigned to your family and will come to your home to interview you and your family members. The coordinator must be sure that your family understands the responsibility of hosting, see the room where the student will sleep and study and determine that all family members agree to share in the experience. Each host family will be provided with a Host Family Guidelines information booklet which will assist them in any concerns or questions they may have.
  3. After you have been accepted and Garda vetted as a host family, you will be allocated a suitable student that has similar interests as that of your family e.g. horse riding, music, sports, dance, golf, tv. etc

Day trip

Your coordinator will ensure that you have fully completed all forms and that you have read and agreed to the host family guidelines. Details for your student will be sent to you before the arrival of your student and your coordinator will advise you in due course of the expected arrival time and collections point for your student.