«You will see time is flying when you are abroad»

Dia Duit!
My name is Margaux, I’m from France and four years ago i decided to live an incredible experience in Ireland. In fact i moved for a year in county Cork to study in an Irish school and to live with a host family in Liscarroll.
It was such a good experience to learn about a new culture ( speaking about food, sports, religion, TV shows and of course my time in school). You will see time is flying when you are abroad.
My time in school was great, it’s very different from France. They have home economics classes where you can cook or construction studies where you can build your own rocking chair made of wood. School provided a lot of activities such as sports, music, dancing. I choosed to practise sports, I discovered irish football, and to sing in the christmas show. Ho and the must, all the students had to wear a uniform so my time there has been a big break from my usual routine.
And with my host family i have so much memories. We shared special moments like birthdays, christmas and even a special moment in the life of a seven year old (my little sister Kate): her communion. All the family was so welcoming and they did everything for me to feel like home. Even Grandad, nan and all the cousins. We visited their family during our break, we visited monuments in the region and to see landscapes and we even went to watch a irish football match in Croke park where Timmy my little brother played with his team. Family in Ireland is so important and everyone in the village is bounded. I shared as well the village life and all the festivities with them (mass in church, horse races, work experience in my little brother and sister’s school).
Of course i had tough time at the beginning. I left my first host family because we didn’t get along but everyone was there to help me (in school, my friends, the association) and i really thing that these kind of difficult moments helped me to grow and to face it. Well  this experience really helped me in my daily life and I still today see the benefits of this year in Ireland.

Thank you again Bernie for this amazing year. To write down my experience was so cool and it reminds me of so much good moments i had back four years ago.