Academic Term or Academic Year Academic Year - September to May Academic Term - September to December January to May January to Easter Holidays 8 – 18 Age

Invaluable opportunity for personal development

  • Airport Transfers
  • Full Board and Lodgings with a Host Family
  • 8 Subjects(maximum)
  • Maximum 2 students per host family – Different Nationalities
  • Public School
  • Local Coordinator 24 hour service
  • Student Officer services
Ministay 2-7 Days 11-17 Age

A group of school students visiting Ireland with their teachers.

  • 2 – 3 students per host family
Mini School Immersion 1 – 5 Weeks Age

  • 2 Students per host family
  • 1 Full Day Excursion per week
  • Public School
  • Airport Transfers
  • Full board and lodgings with host family
  • Local Coordinator


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Priorities at Spil

  • We Tailor programs to suit the needs of individual students or groups
  • We place all students with a host family that have a child of same sex and similar age unless otherwise requested.
  • Each Student is allocated a local coordinator who is available 24/7 in case of emergency.
  • All students are placed in Public Schools that offer the main subjects required by the student to study while in IrelandOfficer is living in Ireland but originally from home country of student.