Lucia’s Experience

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  We love to receive stories from the current students as it allows us to see how they are getting on. Recently we ran a competition, where students could send in their best story. We received many fantastic stories but a few stood out. One of these was Luciaa Sanna’s story. Take a look. My Exchange year. My name is … Read More

Siqiang’s time in Ireland

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Siqiang is a current student spending the year in Ireland. We ran a competition recently where the students had to send in a story about their time in Ireland to win. We received some brilliant stories but one stood out from the rest. Take a look. Siqiang spent endless hours recording and editing the video. His creativity is second to none and … Read More

Student Testimonials

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Students 2016

Here at Student Programmes Ireland we are always delighted to hear about a students experience while in Ireland. Students always have a great time, gain a lot of experience, improve their English and make friends for life along the way. So we choose a few stories we thought you might like to read. “I had a great time in Ireland, … Read More

Francesco’s day in Cork

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Francesco speaks about a memorable day she spent in Cork with a few of her friends. It’s always nice to hear the students are enjoying their time in Ireland. “That day in Cork the air was mild, quietly announcing the coming of spring and me, Alessandro, Tommaso and Laura were walking around without coats. Since it was Sunday not many … Read More

Student speaks about their time in Ireland

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“My name’s Héloïse. I’m 15. I’m from France. I arrived in Ireland on the August 29th. I’m staying in co.cork with a host family for the full school year. I’m going to school with my host sister in Kanturk, there I made friends after a few weeks. I’m in fifth year. Since I arrived, I got used to the tea, … Read More

Nikoleta’s Year in Ireland

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My year in Ireland When I came here, I thought that it will so hard for me to be without family so long and in total foreign place with people who I don’t know. First week was very hard, I understood hard what they were saying me and I missed my family so much. But from day to day it … Read More