There are plenty of reasons to study English in Ireland.

High Educational Standards

Firstly, Ireland is a great place to study English. Not only is it known as a welcoming and friendly country, but it is also famous for its high standards of English language training, and the quality of its education system in the integration of international students.

The Irish Accent

The Irish accent is also clear and easy to understand, which makes your English studies easier for practicing day to day. Irish people are generally encouraging to those learning English, and are famous for their creative use of language. This makes using the language more enjoyable with locals on a daily basis.


Cliffs of Moher

Refreshing Landscapes

The refreshing beauty of the naturally green landscape is another reason to choose to study English in Ireland. Ireland’s unspoiled countryside, long sandy beaches, spectacular coastline, lakes, hills and picturesque villages make it a destination not to be missed.

Ireland has also seen rapid growth over the past 20 years and offers first rate facilities/services. Despite this change it hasn’t lost its own special identity, culture or its sense of traditional values.

Warm Welcomes

Studying English in Ireland is an unparalleled experience. Ireland has a village feel which makes it an easy destination, where the people are friendly and helpful to foreign language students. Our host families are well versed in delivering a warm welcome, as do our secondary schools and primary schools for our international students. Attending secondary school or primary school in Ireland, while living with a host family, is the best way for teen participants to discover Irish culture.


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As a student in Ireland, you may attend a co-ed (both boys and girls) or a single-sex (girls or boys only) school. Uniforms are worn at school and are purchased once you are in Ireland. You will find subjects similar to those in your home country, although the schools and teachers are typically more formal. Students are placed in the class depending on their requirements. Schools are located a short distance from host families, students can be driven to school, go by bus or sometimes walk to school.

Host Families

Host families are united by a desire to know and love a young person from abroad. A host family’s responsibility is to provide the student with their own room, a quiet place to study, breakfast, lunch and dinner, packed lunch on school days and any outings they may have.Our host families are carefully chosen by a local coordinator and each student for academic year is placed with a family that has a child of same sex and similar age.