Small talk – helping to learn the language

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7 English Small Talk Topics for Starting Friendly Conversations We’ve all been there; the silence (time when there’s no sound) you get when two people don’t have anything to say is called an awkward silence. Awkward means uncomfortable and embarrassing. To avoid these awkward silences, you need to know how to make small talk in English. Small talk is the kind of conversation … Read More

Learn English Watching Movies

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Learn English Watching Movies Learning English can feel tough at times: oh for the confusing grammatical rules, the baffling regional accents and the head-spinning cultural rules. One of the ways in which you can pick English up (and pick it up pretty fast) is through film, TV and music. Here, we’re looking at the eight best films for learning English. … Read More

Improving writing skills

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Helpful steps for improving writing skills. It can be tough to learn a new language, so we are always on had to make it a little bit easier for you. Writing is a means to 1. discover your ideas, then 2. express them in a way your readers will understand. To improve your writing skills, we suggest that you consider … Read More

Learning the Language

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Learning a new language so when you first arrive in Ireland it can be tough. Even though your English may be good, understanding the accent and realizing how fast the Irish speak is overwhelming. Here are few steps to help you along the way. 1. Learn the right words the right way. Learning a new language means learning new words … Read More